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People come to therapy for a wide variety of reasons with a overarching theme that they need some help, support and perspective on their situation. When thrust into the busy-ness of life it can be difficult.. impossible even, to see clearly what is happening around you. I often find my clients have become either disconnected with themselves or hypervigilient and hyper aware and overwhelmed with their emotions. 

This can manifest as anixety, depression, low mood, irritability, lack of direction and so on. 

I work using an integrative approaches which put simply means I draw from a vairety of models with the core being to focus on the emotions that present in the room. Therapy is a collaborative process, I will both listen to you and guide the process whilst regularly reviewing, keeping in mind your therapeutic goals. 


I offer a free initial telephone consultation lasting approximately 20 minutes. This gives you a good chance to offer some insight into what is currently going on for you and to see if you feel we are a good fit to work together. 

My fee's per 50 minute therapeutic session vary depending on your current circumstance and type of session you require (for example individual or trauma focused) between £55-£70. I offer online via zoom and face to face (based HU3 - Hull). Concessions are available for students and low income households. Please contact me to discuss further your therapeutic needs and we can agree a price that works for you.

Currently at capacity and not taking new clients (December 2024)

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